Angel Number 123

123 Angel Number

You stand at a crossroads. Your entire future hinges on the decision you will make this time. Are you going to listen to the message that your angel has for you? ANGEL NUMBER 123

Your future is genuinely about to turn around because happiness and omnipresent joy are going to enter your life.

You can transform your dearest wishes into magnificent reality, which will only bring you happiness, pride and security.

Imagine for one moment… What would really make you happiest? The beautiful house, with the huge garden? Trips to the most beautiful places in the world? A fancy new car? Domestic employees? Great restaurants? Never having to worry about how much you’re spending and being able to enjoy every moment of peace and opulence?

All of that is within reach, thanks to this incredible gift from destiny that you were not expecting at all: I know that you are asking yourself lots of questions about how this extremely rare Talisman works,

I beg you to accept, your life should no longer be a struggle! You need this perfect, gilded life. I am here so that you get it, I promise you that.

A Being of Light is watching over you, and wants to transmit a message that concerns only you and your future:

They have been sending you multiple signals these last few days. You now have an incredible opportunity, and it is very rare for someone to be granted this privilege! You deserve it because of your strength of character, generosity, and sincerity. But since you were absorbed so completely in your day-to-day struggles, you did not see or hear these signs: premonitory dreams, the feeling of an invisible presence close to you, words you hear in your mind just before falling asleep…

You are constantly struggling to keep your head above the water, and the realization of your reasonable desires always seems to be pushed back to “tomorrow”… To such an extent that you feel like your existence has drifted very far from your dreams.

Ask them the questions you need answers to, and find out how they’ve achieved what you want to achieve. The best way to learn is to go to the source.



1 in 123 represents new beginnings and positivity.

2 in 123 signifies to turn a new leaf and start afresh.

3 in 123 indicates that angel is near you and is willing to help you.

When combined to make the 123, the guardian angels try to allow you to know that it’s time for brand new beginning. The angels try to point out you that you simply have the power and talent to start out afresh.

You just need to start praying for yourself. The angel number 123. tells us that angel is standing behind us 100% and are guiding us to achieve more success.



Something extraordinary is happening, and it’s going to change everything for you. Something important and magical: a concentration of astro-cosmic powers, from both the Earth and the Heavens.

More than anything you can be certain of one thing: this message, coming from the highest authority, as well as all the visions I received that you will discover in a moment, confirm that you really are a chosen person. You should be prepared to receive an uninterrupted flow of wonderful surprises in the coming days.

The danger, is that all the problems and dashed hopes have generated a great deal of negativity around you. To which tricks might be added, by jealous people or people acting purely out of malice. And you find yourself in a terrible spiral, where failures bring about misfortune, and misfortune brings about fresh disappointments.

To such an extent that you sometimes can’t distinguish between what is Bad for you and what is Good for you. Occasionally, you are so tired, you are tempted to throw in the towel and that’s not like you at all!



This cosmic energy will likely affect current matters of the heart, doubling our need to approach love and romance in our own unique ways right now. This is no subtlety in our desires, and that makes our magical mission clear as a bell. Logic takes a backseat as we surrender to our fiery emotions right now.

It’s a perfect day to think deeply about matters of the heart, wave of positivity and excitement fuels our day. You’re being given the opportunity to reconnect with your other half and experience a sacred bond like no other, so don’t let this profound moment slip through your fingertips!

Relying on loved ones is important to do from time to time, even when you’re working on something personal. Trust the viewpoint of someone who knows you well



Meaning of Angel Number 1:

Number one is the first number of a series, just like that in Bible it symbolizes God’s power and his self-sufficiency. We are the people who need God, not the God who needs us. The First book of the bible tells us about the origin and creation. The number 1 means that we need to remember the power of God and must worship him. He is the one and only God.

Meaning of Angel Number 2:

There are things and preaching you will see in a bible, Number 2 have a deep meaning than just being a number. It is a symbol for unity. Heaven was created and separated from Earth’s water on the second day by God (Genesis 1:6-8).  There will be unity between the god and his faithful followers during the second coming of Christ.

Meaning of Angel Number 3:

Number 3 symbolizes life and resurrection in bible. It is not just a mere number but amount 3 is very powerful in the entire bible. At the time of creation, It was the third day when God said let there be grass, plants producing seed and fruit trees (Genesis 1:11). Before being resurrected, It was a time of 3 days and night for when Jesus was dead.


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